Automated Bid Management

When there are hundreds to millions of keywords to manage, in a competitive advertising landscape and a switched-on advertiser providing advertising targets and return data, there is no excuse to not use automated bid management. The opportunities lost by not having automated systems tirelessly looking for an edge on the competition are almost infinite.

Manual bid management

Many search engine marketing agencies still set paid search bid prices by hand using marketers who are often not extensively trained in statistics or mathematics. The resulting bidding strategy is often suboptimal, subject to human error and negligence, and can't be scaled up. However many real-world paid search campaigns are often successfully managed manually.

When campaigns have a small number of keywords in a non-competitive search engine ad space such as a brand campaign, the difference between manual and automated bid management may indeed be minimal.

Automated bid management benefits greatly by quantified adverting and business goals. If advertisers are reluctant to provide information such as their advertising goals, returns and long-term strategies, even our most intelligent bid management algorithms will be handicapped. Setting paid search bids by hand based on intuition may work adequately in this case, although we would still encourage marketers to work with Core's bid management solutions to combine their non-quantitative insight with Core's mathematical efficiency and scalability.

Automated bid management and a quantitative approach to marketing

In our experience, quantifying search engine marketing decisions not only helps Core's automated bid management technology to deliver outstanding returns on ad spend, it also encourages search engine marketers to rationalise their decisions to better manage advertising campaigns.

If you feel your online advertising deserves better than haphazardly setting paid search bid prices by hand, contact us at to discuss how we can automate your paid search bid management.