Paid Search

Paid search marketing displays your ads on search engines by targeting people who are searching with related queries. This form of marketing is often called Pay Per Click (PPC) because you need to pay search engines every time someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. Of course you'll only gain from this paid click if your new website visitor generates some benefit to your business such as if they purchase a product online or make an enquiry about your services. The final goal of your online advertising may even be an offline event such as a car lease.

Paid search optimisation

Paid search campaign budget allocation and bidding on PPC keywords to maximise the eventual benefit to your business is a surprisingly complex problem that involves Nobel prize winning mathematics and the ability to evaluate detailed commercial business processes.

Core Bid Management's PhD-qualified staff, have been the leaders in this field for almost ten years. We have extensive experience quantifying complex eCommerce sales funnels, bid managing accounts with over a million keywords and have worked with the largest NASDAQ and FTSE100 listed clients. Our academic background in Information Retrieval research (the science behind search engines) and investment banking financial modelling together with commercial experience in paid search marketing gives us a unique perspective on managing complex SEM accounts.

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