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Search Engine Optimisation

Our staff have been SEO experts for the last 20 years

With clients ranging from NASDAQ listed companies to British charities

Search engines, such as Google, display links to pages they consider relevant and authoritative to users' submitted queries. Authority is mostly measured by studying the number and quality of links from other webpages. Relevancy is based on the co-occurrence and context of text in your webpage compared to the user's query. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the activity that improves the search engine rankings of your website by improving the relevancy and authority of your webpages.

Our SEO Service

Core Bid Management's team have industry leading experience in digital marketing and our SEO abilities are unsurpassed. Our SEO team has worked with organisations from NASDAQ listed companies to British charities, adding authority, relevancy, crawlability and credibility to client websites and delivering quantifiable results.

We provide a complete bespoke SEO strategy for your business. We will monitor your website and search engine reach daily and adjust the necessary SEO parameters to optimise your online presence, giving your business more visitor traffic, increased visibility and exponential revenue growth.

Our bespoke SEO service includes:

  • Tailored solutions to meet your SEO needs
  • Continual on-page and technical optimisation
  • Multi-lingual SEO
  • Social and ethical link-building
  • CMS Optimisation
  • Mobile SEO
  • Keywords and content optimisation
  • Copywriting and user generated content

Reach out to us at to find out how our SEO services can improve your website's visibility.

Web Development

Full stack developers who can handle any challenge

Agile project management and enterprise-level development experience

Our vastly experienced full stack developers can tackle any challenge and have consistently exceeded client expectations. We offer UI/UX expertise and have an industry leading SEO team, so expect your web development project to meet strict SEO guidelines and quality assurances others simply cannot provide.

Besides financial, corporate, eCommerce projects we also develop bespoke CMS platforms, APIs and perform integrations with other in-house software such as CRM systems.

Our approach

All projects are developed using the most advanced technologies for Windows or Linux. Our certified developers can tackle ASP.NET / C# / SQL Server projects or PHP / MySQL.

Web development at Core Bid Management revolves around using the very best and latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SOAP/REST amongst others. We are also experts in managing webservers like Internet Information Services (IIS) and offer a Web Asset Management service tailored to your exact needs. Our integrated development skill set and expertise coupled with Agile project management skills and unparalleled industry experience means your new web development project is in expert hands.

Contact us at to talk about your web development project needs.

Branding and Creative Design

Design that helps win new business

Create an influential brand, giving you an impact in your sector.

Core Bid Management is able to provide a full range of design services including branding, web design and copywriting.

Every project is different and we have the skills to get to the heart of your business, sharing our knowledge and experience on how to promote your products or services with as little or as much involvement as you want. Our branding and design experts work with a range of clients from start-ups to well known brands, whether it’s your first website or a rebranding of your corporate web portal, we are here to help.

First Impressions Count

From your logo to your website, you need to stand out and look professional. We will make it easy for your clients to get to the information they need and optimise your pathway to conversion. Our design team will showcase your outstanding online profile, ensuring that your branding and messaging is consistent, right down to your email sign-off.

Core Bid Management takes a holistic approach to working with our clients. We don’t offer a quick fix, we take the time to get to know each business so that we can give our best advice to help you engage with your clients and market and sell your products both on and off-line.

Reach out to us on to arrange your initial branding and design consultation.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Social media refers to various channels, from websites to mobile apps, that enable users to create and share content, participate in conversations and form virtual communities. There are hundreds of social media channels. Your target audience may be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube or even WeChat, Weibo and QQ. Core Bid Management's staff are able to use the most popular social media platforms from across the world to become your voice, eyes and ears online.

Social Media Marketing

Core Bid Management understands how important social channels are to your organisation. If we take over your social media campaign, our staff will work to strict requirements and tight account access restrictions. Our task management platform helps us coordinate our social media activities with your internal marketing team. If required, you will even be able to review and approve every item of social media content before we publish. We will manage your social media accounts, publish content, stimulate engagement, generate trust and build your digital brand online on a daily basis.

Contact us on to discuss how Core Bid Management's staff can help boost your social media presence.

Web Asset Management

Core's staff have managed online assets since 1997

Providing bespoke CMS systems, managing databases and domain portfolios

We provide ongoing, efficient and effective maintenance and support for all your web and digital assets. Eliminate the errors, inefficiencies and costs that plague inexperienced manual web asset management.

Asset Management

Offload the burden of running your web infrastructure to our experienced team so you can focus on your core business activities. Similar to IT asset management, our web asset management service concentrates on the full control of web assets and digital assets. We maintain your web infrastructure and resolve all related problems. Your web assets are in the hands of a team that have managed multi-million pound financial portals and CMS systems for NASDAQ listed organisations.

Core Bid Management will take complete responsibility for the care of all your online assets, websites, databases, hosting and domains. Our experience with the vast majority of publicly available Content Management Systems as well as bespoke CMS systems, makes us perfectly placed to take over almost any web infrastructure. We take pride in the close relationships we build with our clients and our amazing Quality of Service for maintenance and content changes means your web assets will always deliver the very best to your business.

Contact us at to discuss your web asset management requirements.

Portfolio Approach

Continuously improving and adapting proprietary technology

Developed by a team of commercially experienced PhDs and software developers

While the phrase "portfolio bid management" is widely used in search engine marketing, there is conveniently no precise mathematical definition for the portfolio approach. The "portfolio" term tends to be used to differentiate advanced bid management solutions from simple rules-based systems.

Portfolio vs Rules based bid management

At Core Bid Management, we always stress that the difference between true portfolio and rules based approaches to bid management is the scope of the data taken into consideration when making bid management decisions.

Rules based approaches have a "local scope", making decisions ignoring the rest of the advertising campaign. True portfolio based approaches have a "global scope" and evaluate potential decisions on bid prices and marketing budgets while taking into consideration each decision's affect on the whole marketing campaign.

Portfolio bid management

Only portfolio bid management systems will reward a high performing keyword by taking budget away from less lucrative areas of the ad campaign, creating an efficient high ROI overall bidding strategy, completely surpassing "local" rules based systems. Because of its "global" portfolio approach, Core's automated bid management solutions also accurately hit monthly budget targets and seamlessly distribute ad spend throughout the month.

As you can imagine, true portfolio based approaches are quite computationally complex. These are heavily influenced by portfolio management and risk analysis mathematics used in investment banking. Core Bid Management's algorithms have their distant origins in work that won the Nobel Prize for Economics. Email to arrange a trial of our paid search bid management solutions.

Automated Bid Management

Is your paid search team over-worked and stressed out?

Help them concentrate on achieving their potential in the creative side of paid search.

When there are hundreds to millions of keywords to manage, in a competitive advertising landscape and a switched-on advertiser providing advertising targets and return data, there is no excuse to not use automated bid management. The opportunities lost by not having automated systems tirelessly looking for an edge on the competition are almost infinite.

Manual bid management

Many search engine marketing agencies still set paid search bid prices by hand using marketers who are often not extensively trained in statistics or mathematics. The resulting bidding strategy is often suboptimal, subject to human error and negligence, and can't be scaled up. However many real-world paid search campaigns are often successfully managed manually.

When campaigns have a small number of keywords in a non-competitive search engine ad space such as a brand campaign, the difference between manual and automated bid management may indeed be minimal.

Automated bid management benefits greatly by quantified adverting and business goals. If advertisers are reluctant to provide information such as their advertising goals, returns and long-term strategies, even our most intelligent bid management algorithms will be handicapped. Setting paid search bids by hand based on intuition may work adequately in this case, although we would still encourage marketers to work with Core's bid management solutions to combine their non-quantitative insight with Core's mathematical efficiency and scalability.

Automated bid management and a quantitative approach to marketing

In our experience, quantifying search engine marketing decisions not only helps Core's automated bid management technology to deliver outstanding returns on ad spend, it also encourages search engine marketers to rationalise their decisions to better manage advertising campaigns.

If you feel your online advertising deserves better than haphazardly setting paid search bid prices by hand, contact us at to discuss how we can automate your paid search bid management.

Combinatorial Explosion

Master the mathematics behind your paid search compaigns

Our technology increases paid search ROI helping you accurately hit advertising targets

A combinatorial explosion in paid search refers to the exponential increase in potential options when allocating paid search budgets and pay per click bids in larger and larger ad campaigns. This combinatorial explosion of advertising options and their predicted outcomes can leave a human marketer stressed out and drowning in an infinite sea of potential marketing strategies. It doesn't help that these large paid search campaigns often have hundreds of thousands of £'s of profits on the line depending on an effective bidding strategy.

Core Bid Management has developed intelligent computational engines that integrate with online search engine and analytics data to completely automate day to day bid changes and online budget allocation. Your paid search analysts can concentrate on more creative aspects of paid search while our Core systems maximise customer ROI with mathematical perfection.

Contact us at to discover how commercially experienced PhDs and software developers will help you efficiently manage paid search campaigns.